Military Expeds & Adventurous Sub Aqua Training for HM Forces

Maltaqua is now an accredited Commercial MoD Approved Centre ( ComMAC) authorised to provide BSAC Diver training to HM Forces.

As the British Sub Aqua Club ( BSAC) Centre of Excellence 0007,  we now offer “Adventurous diver training packages”: to include BSAC Ocean and BSAC Sports Diver certification courses, including Instruction, equipment hire, road transportation and apartment accommodation.
For Military Expedition organisers looking to complete diver training using their own Instructors, we  offer an “Expeds Support package” which includes local transport and support, classroom facilities, equipment rental and accommodation.

Our Adventurous Sub Aqua Training packages as well as our Exped Support packages are offered all year round based on availability at the time of booking.
To be able to provide you with the correct information kindly email us your requirements for: training, equipment hire, bed spaces and dates.

Please include full contact details of the expedition leader or organiser; name, email and contact number to