We provide Diving Cylinder Hire & Mixes for visiting divers.

We offer full support for visiting recreational as well as technical divers, with onsite gas blending station for Nitrox and Trimix.
Our 2 high capacity super silent Bauer Pure Air compressors, Draager Booster pump and large Air bank storage system allow us to provide efficient filling of cylinders.

We have a selection of cylinders for all dive set ups including:
Twinsets 10 &12 ltr
CCR: 3 & 2 Ltr
Steel single tanks: 3,10, 12, 15 & 18 Ltrs
Alu: 3, 6, 7, 11Ltrs
Sidemount: 12 ltr steel & 11ltr Alu

We recommend sending us your cylinder requirement list when booking your diving with us.
Divers wanting mixes need to provide the neccessary proof of certification. If you are using Helium kindly be sure to bring your own analyser with you.